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5 tips for better content planning

As an online business owner, you can see that content marketing and blogging  is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have at your fingertips. Content Marketing drives traffic to your websites and you’ve already heard of other businesses that get spectacular results, and now you want them for yourself. Content Marketing provides your […]

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4 reasons why visitors don’t buy from your blog

This post is the first in a two part series on making sales from your blog. This article is about the visitor experience and the second post will be about the sales experience and managing customer expectations. So why don’t visitors buy from your blog? You’re getting traffic. You’re interacting on other social media platforms, […]

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Is it time to sell your blog

This is the final installment of a ten part series in boosting your blogging income. Over the last 9 days I’ve shared a variety of ways to boost your blog’s income over the short, medium and long term and if there was nothing there to inspire you or make you site up and go “yes!”, […]

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Boosting blogging income – selling physical products

This post is part 8 of a 10 part series on boosting your blog’s income. You can find the first 7 parts here. Evaluation How smart is your blog’s design? Selling on your blog Advertising – does it still work for blogging? Blogging for Brands Repurposing your content Product Reviews that are Remarkable   A […]

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Is there still a place for advertising on your blog?

Advertising. It seems so last century, but in some marketplaces it still works. It builds brand recognition and in some cases makes sales. This post is part 4 of a ten part series on boosting your blogging income.  You can find the first three articles here: Evaluation How smart is your blog’s design? Selling on […]

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