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Should you have case studies on your blog?

I love case studies on my blog, and so do potential customers. In my offline portfolio I have several case studies that I walk prospects through so they can see exactly how I can help businesses with their blogging and social media. Case studies are powerful because they allow the customer to visualise the success […]

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Content Curation Basics

Content curation is one of those buzzwords you’ll see flying around on Twitter and Facebook and like any other blogger you have to keep on top of the latest trends, but is curating content good for everyone? In this post I’m going to explore the basics of content curation and how you can make it […]

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These are not the guest bloggers you are looking for…

These are just a few of the opening lines to guest post pitches I’ve received the last few days… “I have an amazing opportunity got you” “I’d like you to experience a professional writer on your site” “The benefits of publishing this content is immense, are you brave enough?” Sadly the content offered didn’t match […]

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Replacing Feedburner

FeedBurner was one of my favourite Google tools, and the only external feed service that I’ve used since 2007. For the last year there have been murmurs that Google is planning to cull the service, the support help for the site non-existent, and this week the death of Feedburner has been confirmed.  That means if you are […]

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Do You Need a Personal Blog?

For a lot of people, writing a personal blog is a brilliant way to brand yourself and be known for what you stand for. For me, writing this post is tough because I’ve never really branded Sark eMedia or my personal blogsite. The world needs to know about your unique and special talents, as well […]

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Blogging and offline market research

m4s0n501 Often on this blog you’ll often see posts about targeting audiences and ideal customers. I’ve shared a post  about using your blog as a research tool here but market research doesn’t have to take place online. Sure, using the internet and online tools can be one of the fastest ways to find out about your […]

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4 ways your blog’s ruining your content

Design plays an integral role in the online world, it’s the difference between success and failure in a lot of scenarios. Good design increases the perceived value of a product – compare a plain PDF with a PDF with a cover – people are attracted to the one with the cover. Your eyes are drawn […]

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