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How consistent blogging will benefit you and your blog

Ever visited a blog and found it hadn’t been updated for ages? How did that make you feel? Imagine how it makes the blog’s author feel? Chances are they are either unaware or really embarrassed

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A blogger’s quick start to Pinterest

If you’re a blogger and you are trying to figure out how to incorporate Pinterest into your blog post promotion routine then you’ll want to read this post. For many bloggers, Pinterest is their number

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Should you have case studies on your blog?

I love case studies on my blog, and so do potential customers. In my offline portfolio I have several case studies that I walk prospects through so they can see exactly how I can help businesses with their

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Is consistency important when blogging?

When you first start blogging you can go one of two ways: You can plan like crazy – producing every piece is a military operation or you can fly by the seat of your pants and have no discipline at

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Content Curation Basics

Content curation is one of those buzzwords you’ll see flying around on Twitter and Facebook and like any other blogger you have to keep on top of the latest trends, but is curating content good for

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These are not the guest bloggers you are looking for…

These are just a few of the opening lines to guest post pitches I’ve received the last few days… “I have an amazing opportunity got you” “I’d like you to experience

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Tools for blogging (and social media)

Each blogger uses a different set of tools when it comes to blogging, there are no right or wrong tools, just ones that work better than others for you. In this list I’ll explain what I use the theme

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Replacing Feedburner

FeedBurner was one of my favourite Google tools, and the only external feed service that I’ve used since 2007. For the last year there have been murmurs that Google is planning to cull the service,

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Do You Need a Personal Blog?

For a lot of people, writing a personal blog is a brilliant way to brand yourself and be known for what you stand for. For me, writing this post is tough because I’ve never really branded Sark eMedia

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Blogging and offline market research

Often on this blog you’ll often see posts about targeting audiences and ideal customers. I’ve shared a post  about using your blog as a research tool here but market research doesn’t

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