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Should I choose Facebook or a blog for my online business?

Would you want to build a business on someone else’s property? Social Media is all about User Generated Content. Social Media platforms such as Facebook encourage you to share your content and interact

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How to create an effective content curation plan

Content curation sounds simple enough. We’ve covered the basics: You find content your readers would like and share it with them, either summarizing it or just adding your opinions somewhere in the

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Facebook vs LinkedIn

The user or client of a site generally controls the message and that is why people tend to prefer LinkedIn or Facebook but not both. By controlling the message the client effectively comes blind to advertising.

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Blogging – a little behind the scenes

The last two weeks I have been working behind the scenes on various blogs. We made some changes to How to Write Better. Google has finished it’s latest tweaking it would seem and content farms are

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I love the words of Phillip K Dick

except when they appear as quotes on Twitter. Cover of Mark Twain I love a lot of Henry Ford’s quotes. He worked hard and I hope he played hard. He said a lot of smart things. I love the quote

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Musing on Blogging

Well I have been blogging in a few places this week, I guest posted for Nikki Pilkington on Business on Twitter Recently there have been some changes to search engines that mean I am falling out of love

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A sure sign of the marketers moving in…

is when people start telling you ‘how to behave’ on a site. Image by marketingfacts via Flickr Lately, it’s happening with Facebook. With the advent of the ‘like’ button

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Adding your RSS feed to your Facebook page

With the advent of the Facebook like button, we have all been rushing to add these to our blogs, whilst forgetting one of the simplest things we can do is add our own blog feeds to Facebook. Whilst some

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