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How to create an effective content curation plan

Content curation sounds simple enough. We’ve covered the basics: You find content your readers would like and share it with them, either summarizing it or just adding your opinions somewhere in the post. The more you personalise it, the better the post becomes. But once you start gathering content to share, you begin to realize […]

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Facebook vs LinkedIn

The user or client of a site generally controls the message and that is why people tend to prefer LinkedIn or Facebook but not both. By controlling the message the client effectively comes blind to advertising. Think TiVo and Sky Plus: you record a program and then skip the adverts. If you are advertising you […]

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Blogging – a little behind the scenes

The last two weeks I have been working behind the scenes on various blogs. We made some changes to How to Write Better. Google has finished it’s latest tweaking it would seem and content farms are out. This means my mini ebook on how to foil scrapers now needs updating – thanks Google. The problem […]

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#CustomerLove a change of heart

Back in November you may have noticed some changes going on around here. I set up this blog in 2009 as a I wanted a place to stash my “how to” notes. I could write something down and stash it here and then free up some memory-brain-space for new things to be learnt. My mind […]

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I love the words of Phillip K Dick

except when they appear as quotes on Twitter. Cover of Mark Twain I love a lot of Henry Ford’s quotes. He worked hard and I hope he played hard. He said a lot of smart things. I love the quote from someone famous whose name is on the tip of my tongue “don’t strike whilst […]

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Having so much to say…

Image via Wikipedia Well as of late I have been quiet over here, here being my dumping ground for thoughts, tips and stuff that I have found around the web. I have been very busy over at Birds though. Forbes decided to honour us as one of their top 100 websites for women and from […]

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Musing on Blogging

Well I have been blogging in a few places this week, I guest posted for Nikki Pilkington on Business on Twitter Recently there have been some changes to search engines that mean I am falling out of love with Twitter. Business on Twitter I wrote about a wonderful sign over at the Courier Shop – […]

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A sure sign of the marketers moving in…

is when people start telling you ‘how to behave’ on a site. Image by marketingfacts via Flickr Lately, it’s happening with Facebook. With the advent of the ‘like’ button and the fact that it’s now on 50,000+ websites, mean the marketers are moving in swiftly.Ok, they were always there, but now they are coming out […]

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