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Blogs, strategies and big traffic talk

Last week I spoke at length with a social media executive who was in charge of a “big” corporate blog. We spoke about the type of blog posts that they wanted, his words – big traffic posts… yes you read that right and I had to get it clarified and I did. This Social Media […]

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Blogging – a little behind the scenes

The last two weeks I have been working behind the scenes on various blogs. We made some changes to How to Write Better. Google has finished it’s latest tweaking it would seem and content farms are out. This means my mini ebook on how to foil scrapers now needs updating – thanks Google. The problem […]

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Personal growth as a blogger

Image via Wikipedia When you are in business you have regular appraisals to determine your performance and depending on your company, and investment in developing your skills. As a blogger I do that too, on an ongoing basis. As I have said before I am a member of the Third Tribe and I get a […]

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#CustomerLove a change of heart

Back in November you may have noticed some changes going on around here. I set up this blog in 2009 as a I wanted a place to stash my “how to” notes. I could write something down and stash it here and then free up some memory-brain-space for new things to be learnt. My mind […]

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