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Top 10 tips for using social media for business

Everyone gets told to use social media for business, but often its some of the basics that get overlooked when companies or business owners first get started. I have put this infographic together to give

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Social Media Marketing: Why Targeting Your Market Is Crucial

With all the Google changes and updates, social media traffic is important for quick blog traffic wins. But to make social media marketing work effectively for you, you need to target your market. In recruitment

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Should I choose Facebook or a blog for my online business?

Would you want to build a business on someone else’s property? Social Media is all about User Generated Content. Social Media platforms such as Facebook encourage you to share your content and interact

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7 simple steps to online efficiency [infographic]

I’ve not shared an infographic for a while… here’s one that I liked about Online Efficiency. Resources mentioned: Dropbox Hootsuite Zero to Social Media    

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Content Lockers: What are they and do they work?

Over at Birds on the blog, we’ve been experimenting with content lockers. And I have to say they are working really well at gaining additional exposure for our bloggers. On this site I’ve created

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Blogs, strategies and big traffic talk

Last week I spoke at length with a social media executive who was in charge of a “big” corporate blog. We spoke about the type of blog posts that they wanted, his words – big traffic

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Blogging – a little behind the scenes

The last two weeks I have been working behind the scenes on various blogs. We made some changes to How to Write Better. Google has finished it’s latest tweaking it would seem and content farms are

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Personal growth as a blogger

Image via Wikipedia When you are in business you have regular appraisals to determine your performance and depending on your company, and investment in developing your skills. As a blogger I do

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