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Content Curation: 7 best practice tips

The 7 Best Practices for Awesome Content Curation You already understand that content curation is providing your target market with the information they’re looking for and adding value to that content at the same time. It isn’t hard to do successfully, as long as you observe the following best practice / tips. 1. Know Your […]

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Gravatar: What is it and should I use one?

Gravatar is a great word meaning Globally Recognised Avatar.  When you have a Gravatar account, your image is linked to your email account. This means wherever you comment on the web using that email address, if Gravatar is enabled, your image will appear next to your comment This means you can scan a blog, see a familiar face […]

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Challenging your blogging

Yesterday I wrote about blogging with focus, today I am thinking about the Challenge that is blogging. When I first started blogging I just wrote whatever come into my head It was reasonably popular. Of course there were those that would moan about the apostrophes and commas being in the wrong place but on the […]

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Perfecting blogs using Scribe

Seo copywriting and SEO for your blog can seem very daunting when starting out writing blogs. When I started in 2007, I never had a clue about keywords or SEO and I am not much more clued up to it today to be perfectly honest. I keep one thing in mind, if you want to […]

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How to schedule your blog posts

m4s0n501 It shocks some people to find that I don’t constantly sit at the laptop writing blog posts, non stop all day long…. I write them in advance, sometimes weeks, sometimes days. I then schedule them and check back when I remember to make sure they have posted Why would people want to schedule their […]

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Where to start Blogging…

I am passionate about blogging Absolutely every business should have a blog. If it was down to me (and some of you will be glad it’s not ) I would make a business related blog mandatory for every business. When you are starting out, the best you can get is a self hosted blog. Not […]

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