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The Blogconomy [infographic]

Ever wondered why people blog? And what the top blogs earn? Then this infographic is for you. My insights are underneath the infographic.




Okay let’s share what I think with you….

126% of businesses generate leads through blogging. This is an increase, and will rise even more throughout 2014.

Entrepreneurs make up 13% of the blogging community, again this is a number set to rise. This year I’ve averaged 3 quotes a week for WordPress websites with a blog from entrepreneurs. Clearly the message that the blog is the central hub of all your marketing activities is getting through. It’s the one thing you can take with you no matter where you go, no matter which social media site is the darling… you still have your own site that will never go out of fashion.

Top earning blogs… you don’t have to be earning millions to get on that list. Perez Hilton… possibly the most underrated blogger ever, yet he’s third on the list. Clearly he knows his audience and gives them what they want.

AOL own two of those sites on the list, as far as I’m aware. If they wish to buy Birds on the Blog, they know where I am ;)

Back up to what blogger’s earn… some good money if you have low overheads and are time rich and love writing.

What do you think?

Sarah Arrow

Sarah Arrow started blogging to save a business and it worked! She created her first blogging challenge back in 2007. She's been internationally recognised as a top content marketer, Forbes and MSN list her websites as top ones, and she's the author of many quick start marketing guides. You can find her books on Amazon.

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