Twitter Questions – What Should I Tweet?

Questions to ask on Twitter

Twitter is a great marketing tool, it’s one that I adore, but like pretty much everything else it is only effective if you use it in the right way. The right way can mean many things to many people so for the purpose of this article, it will mean the right way for a small business.

The first step towards using Twitter to your advantage is  to find targeted followers who are genuinely interested in your niche.

You can find them from Twitter, from looking at who follows other people in the same industry as you, from Twitter searches and places like the We Follow.

Once you’ve found them, you job is to then post interesting Tweets that they’ll actually want to read and which will engage them in your business…

“So what should I Tweet?”

The simple answer to that question is anything which is interesting to your target audience.

We’ve all seen the people who try to sell all the time from their Twitter account. ‘Buy this… buy this… buy this’ they scream – yet what actually happens is that most people un-follow them rather quickly. Quite frankly it’s annoying and you’d want to slap this person if you met them in real life and they screamed at you this way.

Would you really want to follow someone who just posts ads all the time? You are not learning anything, nothing is catching you attention beyond the sales pitch and just  how quick you can unfollow?

The best sort of Tweets are those which point people in the direction of interesting information – whether it is interesting because it is informative, useful, funny, or just plain weird!

Humour gets shared a lot, a funny joke, a cute pic, a silly video (Charlie bit my finger?)  As a Twitter user you don’t want to ever appear to your followers as a sales person. Instead, make yourself an authority source; someone who provides interesting information that offers benefit and enjoyment.

Of course you CAN make sales Tweets too, but make sure you have a good ratio between informational Tweets and sales Tweets.

How do you know what to Tweet?

  • Look around you.
  • Keep an eye out on what’s going on.
  • What are the hot trends at the moment?
  • Is there a big story you can Tweet about?
  • Maybe you were just browsing a website and came across something your followers would enjoy too.

You also want to build up a good relationship with your followers.  Engage in conversations. Re-tweet things other users have posted – both they and your followers will thank you for sharing it.

Ask questions and encourage people to respond.

And remember Twitter is a social networking site, and it helps to treat it that way.

photo credit: Rubin 110

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  1. Actually this is a very sensible and effective article that what should we know while tweeting.Are we tweeting for specific audience or we are just tweeting without giving much knowledge to any peoples.

    • Thank you, when we begin with the end in mind we get much better results


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