Which WordPress Landing Page plugin do I need?

wordpress landing page pluginsI love WordPress and the chances are if you are reading this post, you have a WordPress site too. This post is updated from the original post as some of the recommended landing page plugins are no longer for sales.

Until recently Landing Pages were a pain in the backside if you lacked technical skills. If you have a premium theme like Genesis or Thesis, then a landing page plugin isn’t actually essential. It’s a nice to have plugin for your site. If you use a free theme and are limited by your technical skills then landing page plugins are one way to overcome your restrictions.

But let’s start at the beginning…

What is a Landing Page and why do I need one?

A landing page is a page on your blog or website without distractions. It’s a page where you direct your traffic to, in the hope that they will take a specific action.

Why do you need one?

If you are selling a service or a product you need a landing page. This page can be a sales page, and opt-in page or a video page. It could even be a combination of all three. As I said earlier, these pages have one goal – to focus the reader to take a specific action. You can see a selection mine here:-

As you can see each page is a WordPress page, and each one looks and feels different with a unique call to action on each one. As a visitor lands on the page they are guided to take the action that I would like them too. If you are serious about your marketing ROI, then landing pages are something you need to explore.

If you blog on a regular basis, you will start to create a develop your own landing pages. Quite simply you need effective pages that convert better and that’s where the WordPress landing pages come in to play.

Can’t I just remove the sidebars and create a landing page that way?

Sure you can. If you have the right theme that will allow this.

Under your post content area you’ll see a section called layout settings. You can chose the option, and create your own landing page.

The drawbacks to creating your own landing page?

You may not have that option with your theme.

You may not be able to remove your header or your menu / navigation area  – You don’t want your visitor landing on the page and then immediately moving off onto another page that caught their eye.

For experimenting and perhaps creating your first landing page (for subscriber optins perhaps?), removing the sidebars is a great start.

WordPress landing page plugins

I use three… yep… three.

1. Thrive Content Builder

2. Instabuilder

3. WP Profits Builder

First off let me just say the chances are you don’t need three landing page plugins on your blog or WordPress website. It depends what you need them for. There are also free landing page plugins out there, and I even give one away when you join my WP Plugins List, this post is specifically about premium plugins as I don’t have a lot of time to do the things that come with free ones. However, if you’re looking for free WordPress landing page plugins then check the comments where people share their free ones :). When it comes to time vs money, the paid ones win.

1. Thrive Content Builder.

Thrive Content Builder is a premium WordPress landing page plugin and it’s sublime to use

  • Drag and drop elements
  • Built in dividers, testimonials boxes and many other gorgeous, usable features
  • Can be used on posts as well as pages

And more…

At $67 it’s more than a lot of people are prepared to pay, but when you break down the costs of each component, it’s actually very reasonable. It’s worth the price for the drag and drop elements alone.

What I love about Thrive Content Builder

  • Tabbed areas
  • Accordian style drop downs
  • Page builder elements
  • Drag and drop
  • Style families

What I don’t like about Thrive Content Builder

  • The first time I used it I thought I’d broke it… read the instructions
  • I’d like more graphical elements, although I’d be hard pushed to say exactly what I’d like

I highly recommend getting the Thrive Content Builder for your WordPress Landing pages

2. Instabuilder

Instabuilder is a newish landing page product that came onto the market October 2012. If you’ve taken a look at the Twitter Account management page you’ll see how if differs from Thrive Content Builder

Instabuilder comes with over 20 different page backgrounds built in, has several page layouts and has some really cool functionality…

  • Delayed content option for video landing pages
  • Viral download options (similar to social sharing / content lockers)
  • You can even have music (a paid upgrade to Instabuilder) on your landing page.
  • Exit redirects
  • One time offers
  • The ability to show a mobile friendly page if some is viewing on a mobile device.
  • Did I mention the music option? Yes, you can have landing pages with music that autoplays upon opening.
  • Both posts and pages can become landing pages

I think there may even be graphics thrown in, but I’m not sure. There are a lot of settings to work around, for all I know it could help ET dial home ;)

What I dislike about Instabuilder.

  • Manual plugin updates.
  • Sometimes I can’t recall how to remove an aspect of the landing page and have to root around for 30 mins working it out…

Price, I have no idea how much the Instabuilder plugin costs now. When I purchased it, it was $27 with a $27 upgrade for the music option. It’s probably more than that now. It’s still a good plugin and can be used easily, although it is tempting to go nuts with it.

3. WP Profits Builder

The new kid on the block for landing pages and other types of marketing pages.

  • Over 60+ Pre-Designed Lead, Sales and Marketing Layouts
  • Drag and Drop Marketing Page Builder Works with ANY WordPress Site.

Out of all the plugins mentioned here, WP Profits Builder has the most extensive template library I’ve ever seen.  You can create all types of landing pages and optin areas, along with membership pages and JV areas. the choice is astonishing.

What I don’t like….

  • The drag and drop isn’t as easy as I’d thought.
  • The plugin is quite slow at times, however there’s been an update since typing this post so it maybe faster
  • I’ve yet to work out where to add my option code

The price at typing is $47 for a single site licence and $67 for a multi-site / developer license.

So what which WordPress Landing Page plugin do I recommend?

All of them.

Each one of them fulfills a need that I have on this, and my other sites.  You just need to decide what you’re going to use the landing page plugin for and which one will fulfil that need best.

Thrive Content Builder is without a doubt my personal favourite, but I still use the other two, and can see WP Profits builder doing a lot more over time.


PS Should you buy through one of these links I may earn enough to keep me in Jaffa Cakes for a month. I’ve never written an article for affiliate revenue and I’m always honest about how I use the items I review.

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Sarah Arrow

Sarah Arrow started blogging to save a business and it worked! She created her first blogging challenge back in 2007, and is the author of many quick start marketing guides, turning Sark eMedia into a publishing business.

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Sally - last year

Nice post, Sarah. A couple of others I’ve come across include OptimisePress Press (theme) and WPezsqueezy (plugin).

Part of me likes the simplistic idea of just using a new Page and adding text and a paypal merchant buy now button though :)
Sally recently posted…New for 2013: Oncology New Products Senior Executive Coaching ProgramMy Profile

    Sarah Arrow - last year

    I’ve never really got along with OptimizePress I think it’s because I had a bad download experience, that I’m still recovering from :). WPezsqueezy, will go and check it out after all, you can never have too many landing page plugins can you? ;)
    Sarah Arrow recently posted…11 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid My Profile

David Wells - last year

Great Post Sarah!

Another plugin I’d recommend is “WordPress Landing Pages.” http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/landing-pages/

It’s a free plugin we just released a couple of days ago. It will let you run split tests and create your own template designs (amongst other things).
David Wells recently posted…Should Your Business Website Use Responsive Design or Mobile Site?My Profile

Alok - last year

Above are great plugins are mentioned by Sarah. I just share you “marketer plugin” that i am using from long time(just Googled it ). This is premium plugin but features are great in it. Hope this plugin will help you, Thanks.

Keith Davis - last year

Hi Sarah
I bought Premise ages ago but I’ve never put any landing pages together.

Your examples of landing pages are a useful starting point.

BTW – take a look at your “Zero to Ebook” bullet point – the text is not in line with the bullet.
The other two are fine.
Keith Davis recently posted…Genesis WordPress theme framework version 1.9 – a box of delightsMy Profile

Eugen Oprea - last year

If I am not custom coding my landing images, I always go for Premise.
Eugen Oprea recently posted…The Zen of Creating Signup Forms and Webinar Landing PagesMy Profile

Henneke | Enchanting Marketing - last year

Great post, Sarah. So far I’ve created my own landing pages. But that’s because they’re quite simple only requiring text and a email opt-in box.

I’m just wondering. What if you have a landing page where people can pay for and download an ebook. Does that require Premise or are there other ways to do it?
Henneke recently posted…Why Content Isn’t KingMy Profile

Brent Carnduff - last year

Thanks Sarah – very helpful post!

Jim - last year

Hi Sarah,

I have been looking around at some squeeze page plugins so my developer can set us up with better landing pages. Right now we are using some “Form Builder something or the other” which is very bland / cold / uninviting.

I showed him a few earlier today and there were obviously some that cost a little ($100 / whatever) and some that were free or close to free ($20 or so).

There was one that I really looked very simple to manage, even for a techno-NOT like me. But, he said that this particular plugin would require him to recreate the CSS and maybe the auto responder code every time he made a new form.

I’m wondering if that could possibly be true.

Here is he link if you get a chance… maybe you have an opinion of this product in addition to the information I have asked about.

http://squeezepress.org/ (this is the $20 one that he said required recreation & coding… I’m not seeing it!).

Thanks in advance and just email me back if you can!

Jim recently posted…“Google’s research shows that 1 out of every 5 of the 16 billion Google searches a day is in regards to a local business. How many of those is for your type of business?”My Profile

    Sarah Arrow - last year

    Hi Jim
    With Premise you can add certain autoresponder codes to the form, and then just insert them when you create a new page. You can even have a standard look, so once it’s placed it stays the same.
    I’ve looked at SqueezePress and it’s possible you may have to add in the form code for the autoresponder, but I’m not seeing where the CSS comes into play after the initial set-up as it says the plugin works with your theme. Maybe your developer knows something that we don’t and has experienced this plugin before?
    Good luck with whatever you decide to use :)
    Sarah Arrow recently posted…Social Media Marketing Campaigns vs Social Media ActivityMy Profile

Cindy - last year

Here is another one, quite new but looks promising.


    Sarah Arrow - last year

    Hi Cindy, promising in what way? I don’t mind you sharing a link to your own site but I would appreciate you sharing with my readers why it looks promising and how it can help them.
    Sarah Arrow recently posted…Content Curation BasicsMy Profile

Marcus - last year

Hi Sarah, We’ve developed a mix of WordPress plug-in and theme that’s pretty popular with our customers: JustLanded for WordPress. Unlike typical sales page style landing pages, our product represents a clean and simple yet quite beautiful landing page theme. It’s very versatile and fully customizable and you can create multiple landing pages within minutes. I thought your readers might enjoy this: http://themeforest.net/item/justlanded-wordpress-landing-page/3804089

(P.S.: Your blog’s now on my reading list, I very much enjoyed browsing your archive!)

Amy Hagerup - last year

I actually just got ten minute pages and am enjoying using that one. Have you heard of it? It is brand new. Let me know if you would like a link to it and I’ll give you one. blessings, Amy
Amy Hagerup recently posted…Online Marketing Systems: A Daily Marketing Routine You Can Hang Your Hat OnMy Profile

Amy Hagerup - last year

Sarah, Here is the link to copy and paste: tt124.infusionsoft.com/go/tmp/amyhagerup This is for ten minute pages that you requested. Check it out and see what you think. Blessings, Amy
Amy Hagerup recently posted…Online Marketing Systems: A Daily Marketing Routine You Can Hang Your Hat OnMy Profile

Nwosu Desmond - last year

Great post i must say but i am currently looking for free landing page plugins, any suggestions? I am currently using the Genesis theme so i stripe the page of sidebars but i don’t really like the way it looked with a wide width, i want something more centralized.
Nwosu Desmond recently posted…How to enable Google 2-step verification on WordPressMy Profile

Reginald - last year

Hi Sarah,

Okay this is again, one hell of a post. Thanks for writing it with all your comparisons!

I read a lot of Premise and it sounds all great with membership sites etc. The price is ‘not bad at all’ like what you said thanks to all the features. Highly recommend it if you are thinking of getting serious with business etc.

The rest of the two are very new to me. Have yet to hear but the price, seems very convincing for me indeed!

Let’s see how it work out and who knows, might get premise once my business gets serious :)

Thanks for writing this up and have a great week ahead!
Reginald recently posted…What Is NoFollow Rule And How It Affects SEO?My Profile

Konrad - 8 months ago

Thanks for this Sarah!

Perfect timing for me – as I’m planning millions of juicy landing pages based on various keywords and services.

Any advice on how long you think the copy on a landing page should be?

Chat soon,

Konrad recently posted…5 Reasons Why Your Website Copy Stinks (and How to Fix It)My Profile

    Sarah Arrow - 8 months ago

    Hey Konrad! Great to see you.
    The copy on a landing page should be a long as it takes to overcome the objections a prospect may have.
    So it can be quite long or short depending on the product, it’s price and how well the prospect knows you. So a $10 ebook is less of a risk that $997 of coaching, so the landing page will have for an ebook will be significantly shorter than a landing page for high ticket items :)
    Hope that helps
    Sarah Arrow recently posted…Planning your podcast marketing strategyMy Profile

devprolabs - 7 months ago

I’m using premise plugin. simply & easy to use. Thanks for review :)
devprolabs recently posted…Catatan Untuk Cracker/Hacker JonesMy Profile

Carthage - a couple of months ago

Hi Sarah,

Great post. I have been using Leadpages but I don’t think it suits my needs which, considering the price, means that it is time to change.

I had been looking for a few options .I was going to go with Thrive Content Builder because I think Shane Melaugh is amazing but I have heard a number of people suggest Instabuilder. Considering the number of functions, for such a low price (currently $47), it’s got to be worth a shot.

I do have one question, as you use Instabuilder; there are some who suggest that it slows your site down; have you experienced this?


Carthage recently posted…Measure your progress. How to stay on track with your goals.My Profile

    Sarah Arrow - a couple of months ago

    Hi Carthage, I use Instabuilder for my services page and I quite like it here’s one of the pages http://www.sarkemedia.com/pinterest-account-management/ and I’ve realised the page needs updating. I have a VPS and caching plugins (StudioPress accelerator) to help with the speed, although it has crossed my mind in the past to remove it as I heard the same. However, I did a scan with p3 profiler plugin and discovered Gravity Forms was actually the resource hog and not Instabuilder. So I kept it.

    I also have Thrive Content Build from Shane and here’s a page with that http://www.sarkemedia.com/case-study-soul-agent-blog/ I struggled with it at first, and then gave up. However, a client of mine uses it to great effect for her pages here http://www.theittrainingsurgery.com/half-day-courses-booking/ and it looks fab. So I think I need to spend a day getting used to its quirks in order to get the most from it :)

    I have other products from the Insta Builder team and their support is fantastic if you do get stuck.

    Good luck with whatever option you choose.
    Sarah A recently posted…Are you an expert or authority in your niche?My Profile

      Carthage - last month


      Thank you for your response. I had also heard from a few people that speed tests had shown that Instabuilder does not slow the site but I wanted to hear from someone whose opinion I trust so, thank you for that. It’s great to know about the support too as that is always important.

      I am going with Instabuilder but I think that like you, I will eventually end up with Thrive Content Builder too.

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