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How to write better blog posts, faster

writing blog postsIt’s that time of the month again where I upload the latest social media toolkit. The Social Media Toolkit site is a project set up by me ages ago. It’s aim is to help people with their marketing when they don’t have a budget for a consultant. We find the kits are really popular with other social media marketers as well as the small businesses we hope to inspire and help :)

Based on what my clients have been telling me this month’s toolkit had to be about blogging and it had to be about writing blog posts faster :)

So this post is a blended blog post, it’s part story and part curated content with a dash of review thrown in for good measure. Go and grab a cup of something hot, pull up your chair and start reading!

Peter Devries has an amazing quote when it comes to writing. I quote him often.  I’ve even made the quote into an image just for this post. At some point I’ll get it made into a poster. What he says is true – the more disciplined you are with something the more likely inspiration, mojo, magic, the muse, fairy dust (it doesn’t matter what you call it) it  the more likely it will be to appear.

I make no secret of the fact that I don’t watch conventional TV. I watch TV shows by DVD boxset. I have done for the last ten years, and I doubt I could sit and watch conventional TV ever again! I don’t get any adverts and I get to chose when I watch TV – I own it’s ass! I can watch it whenever I like for as long as I like. I once watched 24 in real time…

You have to do that with parts of your life – you have to own it’s ass. This “owning” business is particularly applicable when it comes to writing blog posts – you have to schedule time to do them or they don’t get written. The blog fairy does not drop off a glitzy package with 10 posts ready for your to edit and upload each morning.

When you start scheduling time for things then you are programming your creativity to fire up in certain instances. I write a lot of posts after lunch. My husband will be out of the office and the phone will be quiet – I have the space to create a blog post and plenty of time to muse upon ideas. Around 1pm each day my fingers are itching to hit a keyboard. I’ve gone all Pavlovian and trained my brain to know when to write, when to create and it expects to do so at 1pm  :)

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You might need to go and grab a refill of something hot, as the next part of the post is a mini-review and you’ll want to click the links as there are many free books on offer :)

Write, Edit, Revise

Over on Faceboook I have a group with Tobias Roote and Angela Boothroyd. It’s a small group, around 350 members and in the group we share the free Kindle Books that we find. You are most welcome to join us.

One of the members shared a lovely Kindle book called Write, Edit, Revise: Learn Writing Skills, Editing Skills and Revising SkillsWrite better blog posts by Gary Thaller. It’s not a hard book to read and it’s really useful for blogging, in fact I think bloggers will enjoy it more than would be writers and authors. I love the exercises at the start of the book and have a page with 49 sentences written out. It’s currently for sale (you need to join the group for the free Kindle updates) at £2.05 and it’s worth 10 times that. Go check it out.

I’m planning a deeper review for my newsletter readers, but it’s too good not share elsewhere.

I know blogging is writing, and writing is active rather than passive but with a little planning and a little discipline you can write better blog posts, faster. After all, you have the resources right here at your finger tips.



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