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Time for better blog postsIt’s that time of the month again where I upload the latest social media toolkit. The Social Media Toolkit site is a project set up by me and Lilach Bullock. It’s aim is to help people with their marketing when they don’t have a budget for a consultant. We find the kits are really popular with other social media marketers as well as the small businesses we hope to inspire and help :)

Based on what my clients have been telling me this month’s toolkit had to be about blogging and it had to be about writing blog posts faster :)

So this post is a blended blog post, it’s part story and part curated content with a dash of review thrown in for good measure. Go and grab a cup of something hot, pull up your chair and start reading!

Peter Devries has an amazing quote when it comes to writing. I quote him often.  I’ve even made the quote into an image just for this post. At some point I’ll get it made into a poster. What he says is true – the more disciplined you are with something the more likely inspiration, mojo, magic, the muse, fairy dust (it doesn’t matter what you call it) it  the more likely it will be to appear.

I make no secret of the fact that I don’t watch conventional TV. I watch TV shows by DVD boxset. I have done for the last ten years, and I doubt I could sit and watch conventional TV ever again! I don’t get any adverts and I get to chose when I watch TV – I own it’s ass! I can watch it whenever I like for as long as I like. I once watched 24 in real time…

You have to do that with parts of your life – you have to own it’s ass. This “owning” business is particularly applicable when it comes to writing blog posts – you have to schedule time to do them or they don’t get written. The blog fairy does not drop off a glitzy package with 10 posts ready for your to edit and upload each morning.

When you start scheduling time for things then you are programming your creativity to fire up in certain instances. I write a lot of posts after lunch. My husband will be out of the office and the phone will be quiet – I have the space to create a blog post and plenty of time to muse upon ideas. Around 1pm each day my fingers are itching to hit a keyboard. I’ve gone all Pavlovian and trained my brain to know when to write, when to create and it expects to do so at 1pm  :)

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You might need to go and grab a refill of something hot, as the next part of the post is a mini-review and you’ll want to click the links as there are many free books on offer :)

Write, Edit, Revise

Over on Faceboook I have a group with Tobias Roote and Angela Boothroyd. It’s a small group, around 350 members and in the group we share the free Kindle Books that we find. You are most welcome to join us.

One of the members shared a lovely Kindle book called Write, Edit, Revise: Learn Writing Skills, Editing Skills and Revising Skills by Gary Thaller. It’s not a hard book to read and it’s really useful for blogging, in fact I think bloggers will enjoy it more than would be writers and authors. I love the exercises at the start of the book and have a page with 49 sentences written out. It’s currently for sale (you need to join the group for the free Kindle updates) at £2.05 and it’s worth 10 times that. Go check it out.

I’m planning a deeper review for my newsletter readers, but it’s too good not share elsewhere.

I know blogging is writing, and writing is active rather than passive but with a little planning and a little discipline you can write better blog posts, faster. After all, you have the resources right here at your finger tips.



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Sarah Arrow

Sarah Arrow started blogging to save a business and it worked! She created her first blogging challenge back in 2007, and is the author of many quick start marketing guides, turning Sark eMedia into a publishing business.

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marquita herald - last year

Awesome topic Sarah and I look forward to checking out the links and articles you’ve provided. For me the biggest challenge is switching my mind back and forth between writing projects – meaning from whatever book I happen to be writing at the moment, to a post for my blog, to an article due for another blog, and then back to my book. I can do it, but it takes me awhile to get refocused which can be pretty frustrating. Hopefully one of these articles will provide a few helpful tips for that as well. Thanks!
marquita herald recently posted…Finding Freedom by Challenging AssumptionsMy Profile

    Sarah Arrow - last year

    Ah, I know that feeling well Marty. When I switch from client stuff to my own – it takes a moment for me to get my own mindset back and remember my goals :) I find outlining posts a very powerful yet fast way to write them.I think there was a marketer that even sold the outlines to blog posts – how enterprising :)
    Sarah Arrow recently posted…Mobile Stats Every Marketer Should KnowMy Profile

    Kostas - 6 months ago

    That’s a problem I struggle with from time to time as well. It can be tough to switch between topics. I am guest posting on a variety of blogs and although the general niche is the same, there is also a need to tailor it a little so that it fits the audience of the blog I am working with. There are certainly some great resources here and I’ll be giving a few of them a go!
    Kostas recently posted…How To Write The Perfect Guest PostMy Profile

Lesly Federici - last year

Great Post Sarah,
Very informative and I love all the resources you listed. Blogging can be quite a challenge. With so many writing styles and interests I have come to the conclusion that people will go with what they personally like. I no longer worry about it. As long as I can write a complete sentence, spell check, and write something interesting with value. Then I’m okay …. Reading your tips certainly only adds to enhancing blogging – thank you!
Lesly Federici recently posted…Pure Leverage ReviewMy Profile

Michael Shook - last year

This is a most outstanding list of resources for writing better blog posts. Thank you for sharing it with us. I’ve always been kind of partial to Brenda Ueland and “If You Want To Write”. Lots of moodling and thinking to go into a decent piece of writing.

I am still unsure what I think about content curation, possibly because I have yet to see it implemented well by most people (Sarah is an exception, for sure) and partly because I don’t have any trouble googling. When I come to a blog, like this one, I am interested in what Sarah has to say, what she thinks, and how she says it. I like that idea about the internet and truth be told I value her opinion and if she thinks something is worth reading, then odds are I am going to pay attention. :-)
Michael Shook recently posted…How To Get Positive Thinking TipsMy Profile

Sarupa Shah - last year

I love the use of my stats to write more of what my audience wants…as there is nothing better than actually seeing what people are finding you for…and to add I love the quote, as it is about showing up for inspiration and not waiting for inspiration to show up…like others have said can’t wait to follow up on the links you have shared. Thanks again Sarah…for me apart from my own blog, yours is the one I read the most ;)
Sarupa Shah recently posted…Heart Centered Entrepreneur, money matters!My Profile

Yorinda - last year

Hi Sarah,
thank you for sharing these great resources.
I appreciate that you supply the link as well as a brief preview of each site.

The DVD box set sounds interesting.
One thing I use is a DVD recorder and that way I can watch it at a time that is convient for me and I can fast forward the adds and some of the dramatic things like the fighting scences in the Lord of the Rings.

Thanks again, much appreciated!
Yorinda recently posted…Google Reader will soon be extinct What are the Alternatives?My Profile

Anita - last year

What a wealth of valuable blogging information,Sarah. Thank you. I write about 8 posts a week now, and I never imagined I would be doing this. It helps writing about something I am passionate about. :)

Amit Verma - last year

Such a great post Sarah. Love the tips you included in this post. Awesome as always. Have a great day :-)
Amit Verma recently posted…4 Most Essential Thoughts that Influence our Entire LifeMy Profile

David Merrill 101 - last year

Nice tools in the toolkit here, Sarah.

It’s important for bloggers to have a system for producing consistently valuable content. Most of us tend to post when the spirit moves us… which all too frequently it fails to do. (I fall in that camp far too often).

I really like the idea of writing at the same time everyday to kick in the Pavlovian creativity. That way it seems like you don’t even have to write the article, it will manifest through subconscious processes that you only have to manage and edit. (I know it’s not quite that simple and that you didn’t intend that it appear to be, but I’m also prone to fantasizing far too often).
David Merrill 101 recently posted…Pioneer Webpreneurs and a New Liberation MarketologyMy Profile

Kelli - last year

Does one have to be a subscriber for the links to work on this post?

Evan - last year

You are so right about the TV. I reduce tv watching to minimum, I have so many other thing to spend time for, like blogging) The post really makes sense, your ideas are very relevant! Thanks for sharing!
Evan recently posted…White WordPress themes – Best Collection 2013My Profile

Chery Schmidt - last year

What a Great Post Sarah I could spend a whole day here just checking out the resources you have for us here today. You sure do you homework. Thanks Chery :)
Chery Schmidt recently posted…Stepping Up And Taking Responsibility For Your ActionsMy Profile

Steven Hughes - last year

Own it’s ass…Of course…:) You mean there’s really no blog fairy? What if I click my heels. No?

Thanks for the content laden post Sarah. Those 12 posts should have me busy for a while. Soaking up information. ABW = Always Be Writing. Have to get there..
Steven Hughes recently posted…Social Media Marketing Strategies for Engaging CustomersMy Profile

William Amis - last year

This is great information and very helpful. I found out that the more on a weekly basis, I read others articles and get a feel what people are enjoying that week. I get a vision which manifest my insight toward what I committed my life to. Helping people understand the third reason people are online. The ones who are seeing just a real way to make just a few bucks.

Most people are online for just that reason. Yet they have no idea of how to complete due diligence. The more we produce usable and quality information on developing skills and techniques. The more they will be equip to have a clear understand of what way is ethical and doable for them.

Learning to communicate through the core tool, words. Is expanding daily through the internet in the product of having your own Blog. Your instructions are giving everyone information that will help them share their passion to all. They grow and learn how to interact with people in new ways. Which only builds their confidence and then gives them purpose to guide them into what ever their hearts desire.

You are a gift to us all and I am honored to have read my first great post of yours. This will not be my last time yet it was my first and opened my mind to unlimited possibilities. Thank you.
William Amis recently posted…Making Sense Of It AllMy Profile

    Sarah Arrow - last year

    Hi William, and welcome.
    If something boosts the confidence of someone then it’s worth doing as far as I am concerned.
    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your wisdom with us, it’s truly appreciated
    Sarah Arrow recently posted…Are you Getting Socialable?My Profile

Steve Borgman - last year

Sarah, you’re right on the money with this post! Your mantra of “own it’s ass” cracked me up, but also stuck in my head :) And I love your Pavlovian habit of writing after lunch. Another blogger shared that he programs his Pavlovian habit by using a specific playlist of songs to get him in the mood. Another helpful way to speed up writing is to select blogging templates you enjoy. You can find a lot of these by googling the phrase: Ezine blog templates.

Beverly Knox - last year

Enjoyed reading your post and the many different tips and resources. Leaning on this information will help me to get out quality information in faster time, thanks again.

Lydia Brown - last year

Thanks Sarah blogging is always a challenge for me one minute I get a great idea then I can’t work it out how I want to write about it or I have what I think is the perfect piece and get stuck on the Title. Still love blogging.
Lydia Brown recently posted…How to Stop Shiny Object SyndromeMy Profile

Raena Lynn - last year

Hi Sarah,

Thank you so much for the ultimate list of ways to write blogs faster and stay inspired. It’s a goldmine of information. This one is bookmarked for sure and I know I will return many times.

Scheduling time to write blog posts is important. If there is no schedule, they don’t get written. Everyone’s blogging frequency is different. Whether you are a daily blogger or a weekly blogger, you are right about training our brains when to blog and keep the creativity going. I’m always looking for ways to get through the times I’m not “inspired” to write. Knowing I have access to this resource means no excuses allowed. I really appreciate it and I love your analogy of TV and blogging. Thanks Sarah. I always enjoy your posts!

Raena Lynn
Raena Lynn recently posted…Ecolutionary Gangster GardenersMy Profile

Beth Hewitt - last year

Thanks Sarah for this toolkit. Blogging faster has to be something all bloggers need to master. I guess I have some reading to do. At least I have mastered commenting faster :)

Beth Hewitt recently posted…Why Did you write THAT?My Profile

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