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You Tube for Content Marketing?

Let’s talk about You Tube for content marketing purposes. As much as I dislike video I still do it, and there are some people that say You Tube is the new TV… heck, I even have a weekly social media hangout, so I totally get why you need  to be video marketing. In case you’re not aware,  YouTube is owned by Google and videos appear high in search results. If you’re struggling to get on the front page of Google for a competitive phrase then videos will help.

YouTube is better than TV because it’s free and user-driven. This is an extremely valuable tool for spreading brand awareness online. Next to blogging, You Tube has a low cost to entry in some instances (like blogging), all you need is a web cam, a script, and a You Tube Channel.

10 easy ways to get exposure for your small business using YouTube.

1. Keyword Optimize
When you focus on a keyword you’ll find that your videos are stronger, as the keyword keeps your mind on what the video is about. Try it, and you’ll see what I mean – do two quick videos. The first one without a keyword, and the second with one. Your viewers will thank you for the clarity.

2. Show Your Expertise
Show don’t sell… Pick a problem related to your business that your viewers might have and give them a solution. If you’re a plumber, offer a simple plumbing tip. A cleaning company can make videos on easy carpet cleaning. Show them something you know how to do that will benefit them. You can add a call to action at the end of the video like “If you found this tip useful please subscribe).

3. Show Your Products in Action
Don’t just show your products or services, but show them in action. If you sell barbecue grills, teach your viewers some great BBQ recipes. Look at this video from Michael Robinson (client).


Videos that show how to do something using the product are some of the most effective in marketing.

4. Short Videos Work Best
Back in November, I did a series of “5-minute videos” proving that videos don’t have to be long. In fact, they shouldn’t be. Focus on making videos that are just a few minutes long. If you’ve got a topic that stretches over 10 minutes, make two videos covering different aspects of it and create a series. The call to action would be “these videos are a series and you should subscribe by clicking the subscribe button”.

5. Give Them a Sneak Peek
Do you ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors? Make videos that show your business’s inside operations. Viewers who already like your brand love to get a sneak peek, you can also unbox new products for your die-hard fans. These sneak-peek videos can be unlisted and shared in a fan circle on G+ or as a fan exlusive onFacebook.

I have a series of excellent videos on my Facebook page, the majority of them seem by thousands of viewers.

6. Socialize and Subscribe
It’s easy to forget that YouTube is a social media site. Subscribe to other channels, watch videos, comment and make friends. Commenting is much nicer now it’s done via G+. Over time other users will do the same for you and you’ll create a network of similarly minded businesses that share opportunities with each other.

7. Customize Your Channel
Make use of all of the customization options that YouTube offers for your channel, that said, I’ve never made my You Tube cover photo as good as it could be as it’s huge! Try to give your visitors the best video user experience possible.  Branding your You Tube channel can be as simple as aligning themes and colors with your website and other marketing materials.

8. Production Schedule
It doesn’t matter how often you produce videos, but you need to do it regularly to build a following. Decide how many you’ll post per week /month and then stick to it.

9. Embed Everywhere
Put your videos all over your other social media sites. Embedding videos is as simple as copying a code and pasting it into a blog post, or using the link to post onto Facebook. Your videos will get seen by more people and you’ll also generate backlinks to your video.

10. Make ‘Em Laugh
Everybody wants to have a viral video even me, although I won’t admit it. Just one video that goes viral can get you exposure like you’ve never dreamed possible. Most viral vids get passed around because they’re funny, so add a bit of humor to your videos and remember it’s the audience that decides what’s viral, not you.

These tips are enough to get going on You Tube, but over time you’ll need to upgrade your equipment (I go through a headset every six weeks, mainly because my daughters use them for minecrafting and then throw them aside). The next step is better lighting, backgrounds and editing software. It’s well worth the money to create higher quality videos than your competitors’ and you’ll find it easy to do once you get started.


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