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social media marketingSometimes life doesn’t quite go according to plan.

Half way through writing Zero to Blogger, Warren decides he’d prefer to write a book about social media. I, of course said “Cheers love”,  I’m from London’s East End, what I actually said isn’t fit for delicate ears, and you my dear reader have delicate ears :).

So after much fannying around (a technical term) we finally got Zero to Social Media FILM Star published. FILM is Warren’s acronym. Every social media marketer should have an acronym. I forget who told him that, it may have been me… And then we have the job of incorporating that into the title *deep sigh*.

We use the phrase “Zero to” as you can use our books from scratch, from zero knowledge. The books are part tutorial, part case study and part assignment. You’ve never read anything like them. Unless of course you’ve read my other books such as Zero to Email Marketing and Zero to Podcast Show, in which case you know the detail that we go into.

Zero to Social Media is a labour of love.

When we first published back in November we had a heck of a time with the Kindle conversion process. We had a book full of images that didn’t show. Steven Healey a dear friend gave me the heads up. Thanks Steven. It took a month to sort them out and I had to stop using Kindle publishing software and use my usual method of Kindle publishing… By the end of December we were ready to promote.

And then I went on holiday.

And Warren’s not the kinda guy to go out and promote a book while I was lying on the beach soaking up the rays, sipping a San Miguel and not missing England at all.

When I came back it was time to decide on how we were going to promote the book. So we spent three weeks playing telephone tag. I may admit to deliberately avoiding his calls but then again I am very busy ;). I have to be honest I did not want to do a free promotion of the book via KDP select. I have the digital rights to the book, Warren the print rights (it will be a physical book in May 2013) and it took a lot of persuading for me to agree that it should be free for even a short period of time. Then there was the fights over the pricing… creating a book with someone is no easy task. Writing it is the easy part, everything that comes after is the hard part…

KDP Select is a Great Promotional Tool to Kickstart Sales on Amazon

I know because I’ve used it several times for my other social media guides. I was being wholly unreasonable when it came to promoting Zero to Social Media. In truth I didn’t feel ready to promote the book. I still don’t. But I have to, that’s my job. So I chose this weekend to promote the book. The weekend Warren is going ski-ing so will be unable to promote. Well that’s me screwed: he has the list, the Twitter followers, the network and the sales skills and I all can do is blog…

Sometimes you can be just too close to something.

I was using every excuse in the book not to promote the book. With a lot of soul-searching I realised that if I waited until I felt the book was the most up to date it could be, it would never get published. It’s about social media. It’s ever changing. Warren suggested we update the book via Kindle every 2-3 months so it would be the most up-to-date it could be, and that we would tell our readers this. Gosh, I hate that man at times :) he can be too practical.

So here we have it, the book is more than ready. And it’s free today.

Go help yourself. Enjoy. But don’t take my word for it, read what others are saying:

“I enjoyed this book, it wasn’t the usual trite stuff you get from social media-wannabees.

The monitoring and tracking sections were particularly helpful, I’ve applied and tested many of the suggestions mentioned. The other aspect that was detailed and really useful was the tips on online marketing strategy. It may sound obvious but so many people don’t think about eye catching headlines and copy or utilise interesting photos etc to capture the readers eyeballs and attention in social media.

Nice book, highly recommended as a good place to start on social media.”

“I’ve been following Sarah Arrow for some time now, and I’ve come to expect that her e-books and blog posts will teach me new strategies, give me excellent advice, and point me in the direction of the best tools

Zero to Social Media FILM Star did not disappoint!

Sarah and Warren do an excellent job of explaining the why and how of each social media platform—and how to put it to good use. I especially appreciate their recommendations on apps and online tools. I don’t have time to try each tool, so it really helps to be given a short list of the most effective ones.

But the book is not just another guide on how to use Twitter and Facebook etc. It also provides a complete online marketing strategy, including tips on writing more eye-catching copy online, establishing your writer’s voice, and making sure you deliver what your readers want.

If you want to harness the power of social media to promote your business, brand, or cause, you want this book!”

“Zero to Social Media is a mine of valuable information for anyone building a business on the internet. The authors have taken care to address the needs of newcomers as well as providing valuable hints for experienced internet marketers.

I found the section on blogging particularly valuable, since that is the aspect of Internet Marketing I am most familiar with. The authors show the beginner how to create a WordPress blog from scratch, including choosing a domain name, registering and hosting, and installing and customizing WordPress. They continue with themes, plugins and SEO tips, types of blog posts, and using anchor text and bio boxes.

The blogging section concludes with a set of prompts that can be used to create a month’s worth of daily posts. Useful hints abound through this and other sections of the book.

I can see myself referring to this book again and again as a resource for all aspects of internet marketing. Each section stands alone, but the book also shows how different aspects of social media can reinforce one another. Whether you want to learn more about Google+, video marketing or Pinterest, you are sure to find value here, and because the book is published through Kindle, the authors plan to update it every 2 or 3 months to remain current.

Recommendation? Get it!”

It’s free for now, go and grab a copy.

Remember, we’ll update it every few months and Amazon will notify you of the updates.

Sarah Arrow

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Sarah Arrow

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  1. Hey Sarah!

    Whoopie! This looks like a winner to me. It is funny when we start making those “excuses” then go to the depths of our soul and make a decision. Good choice! This is so awesome…Congrats my friend.


    • Thank you Donna, it’s doing very well in the UK (1st and 2nd category place) and the US is a little behind it (3rd and 5th category place).

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to complete an all-consuming project, Sarah?

    It’s interesting to have a glimpse at some of the extra-curricula tasks involved in writing a book. I remember the days when you’d hand over a manuscript to a publishing house editor, and they’d take it from there.

    Those days are long gone.

    When people think of self-publishing, they almost never consider self-promotion. Two different specialties, but both absolutely required.

    I enjoyed peeking in on some of the behind the scenes goings-on.

    • It is David, I felt quite the anti climax when it was finished!
      Every author I know is marketing their books, some better than others. No longer do the publishers spend money on marketing unless they have a big name.


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